No.1 Clive Lloyd of West Indies (1975, 1979) and Ricky Ponting of Australia (2003, 2007) are the only captains to win the trophy twice.

No.2  The record of the first hat-trick of the World Cup is in the name of Indian bowler Chetan Sharma. He did this feat in 1987.

No.3  The oldest player in the World Cup Netherlands Nolan Clarke (47 years 257 years) played in 1996.

No.4 Australia holds the record of winning the trophy 3 times consecutively. The team has won the trophy 5 times, the highest record.

No.5 India is the only country which became world champion in 60 overs (1986) and 50 overs (2011) also.

no.6  The record of scoring the highest number of runs is 2278, held in the name of Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar.

No.7 Martin Guptill  has the record of scoring the highest individual runs of 237 in 2015.

No.8 Glenn McGrath has the record of taking 71 most wickets.